Education and memberships:

  • M5 2021 - now: Member of the International VAT Association

  • 2010 – now:   Regular participation in various informal VAT technical meetings with other VAT specialists (such as via European VAT Managers: in-house VAT specialists sharing/discussing issues)
  • 2007 – 2008:   Member of the Dutch Real Estate Tax Advisers Association (NVvVF)
  • 1997 – now:   Various (international, technical/soft skill) courses, webinars, seminars, etc.

  • 1997 – 2008    Member of the Dutch Order of Tax Advisers (NOB)
  • 1993 – 1997    University of Amsterdam (and Leiden), Tax Law (thesis: VAT & telecommunication services)

Work experience as freelance VAT consultant/interim in-house VAT manager:
In 2009 I started as an independent VAT specialist. I have advised various types of clients on a regular or ad-hoc basis, amongst which a gambling, a real estate company, a charity, a magazine, a bank, off- and online vendors of software/applications, an international furniture website, and a telecoms company. Below, I have listed the more substantial, interim assignments as separate items.

  • FedEx Europe (M10 2020 - now)
  • Nielsen Connect (M3 2021 - now)
  • Nielsen Media (M3 2021 - now)
  • The Nielsen Company (Q1 2013 – M3 2021)
  • TP Vision Europe B.V. (Q2 2015 – Q4 2016, and again in Q32017 - Q1 2018)
  • Shell International BV (Q4 2011 and later again in Q3 and Q4 2012)

  • Merck, Sharp & Dome (Q2 – Q4 2012)

  • Drew Marine (Q2 2011)

  • CHC Helicopter Corporation (Q4 2010 – Q1 2011)

  • Activision (Q2 - Q3 2010)

  • Ballast Nedam – (Q2 2010)

  • Shell International BV – (entire 2009 – Q1 2010, again in Q4 2011, and again in Q3 and Q4 2012)

Work experience as an employee:

  • Deloitte Tax Advisers - Senior Manager (VAT) - 2006 – 2008 
  • Hogeschool InHolland – Teacher – 2007
  • Fiscount - Adviser (VAT) - 2005 – 2006
  • Ernst & Young – Manager (VAT) - 2002 - 2005
  • Arthur Andersen - Assistant, Senior and Manager (VAT) - 1997 – 2002


I used to regularly write articles for VAT magazines. Amongst others, I published in the International VAT Monitor and Dutch magazines such as Btw-brief and Btw-bulletin and made VAT contributions for (more general) magazines such as Fenedexpress, Computerrecht, real estate magazines, etc. When I started as a freelance VAT specialist in 2009, I found it important to stay informed about VAT developments all over the world. I developed a technique to allow me to do this in an efficient way, and bundled all news on a blog. As I enjoyed doing this and as I received so much positive feedback about my blog, I decided to take it to the next level. In April 2018 I launched together with a former colleague of mine. On this website, we publish articles on a daily basis, together with our growing network of contributors, and we distribute weekly VAT newsletters with VAT news from all over the world.

More details about my experiences can be found on LinkedIn profile